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VJQC Score: N/A
Artist: ASA
Album Name: LUCID
Record Label: WAGRAM
Format: VINYL LP
Release Date: 10/18/2019

The symbolism is strong: the first song on Asa's new album Lucid, ''Murder in the USA'', alludes to a crime: ''Who's gonna save me now / I shot my lover and I ran away''. But this majestic end to a relationship is also the starting point of the album. ''In a way, this album is autobiographical. Even though I am not writing about myself, they are my thoughts, including my mistakes''. Lucid, her fourth album, explores the full range of passion emotions, from the gentlest to the harshest and the harshest to detachment. Produced by Marion B, who wanted to preserve the spontaneity of Asa's songwriting, the album was recorded in his studio, where Asa was surrounded by the cream of Parisian musicians. The whole album speaks of love in all it's guises - pain, joy, pleasure, closeness... Mischievous love in ''Until We Try'', a call for trust in ''You and Me'' and ''Stay Tonight, My Dear (Where Are You).'' She explores all these feelings that we all have experienced in our life - madly, drunk with or crushed by love. As always, since she broke out onto the scene, somewhere between a soothing sister and an understanding BFF, singing more about our lives than her own. That is what artists are for.