Title: Volume 27
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Album Name: VOLUME 27
Record Label: 13 O'CLOCK
Genre: ROCK
Format: VINYL LP
Release Date: 6/24/2016

Limited 150gm vinyl LP pressing including digital download. Comes housed in nice 60's-style tip-on jacket with printed inner sleeves featuring lyrics and liner notes from Ugly Things Magazine guru Mike Stax. The Higher State return with their fifth full-length album! Volume 27 presents 12 new songs meshing 60's-style garage with jangly folk-punk that timelessly reflect upon the ho-hum world we all face without sounding cliched and trivial. Forever questioning why, so continues the quest for The Higher State! On Volume 27, they deliver what may be their strongest, most cohesive statement to date: fuzz, Farfisa, snot, snarl, reverb and harmony combine on twelve incisive broadsides against insincerity and mediocrity. The album plays like a treasured compilation of mysterious 60's obscurities, all killer, no filler.

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