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We Decide Who Comes in


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VJQC Score: N/A
Artist: U
Format: 12-INCH SINGLE
Release Date: 7/10/2015

Little is known about the London-based producer and DJ who goes by the name of U, but that hasn't quelled praise from bedroom heads, industry tastemakers and big name press alike. Audio arbiter George FitzGerald originally met U on a holiday in Greece and immediately commissioned a handful of 12''s, each brimming with trademark mechanical bliss, like pleasure tinged with menace. U has since gone on to release for Erol Alkan's Phantasy Sounds (both as a solo artist and in collaboration with Babe, Terror as BTU), being given the nod by The Guardian, Mixmag and The Line of Best Fit. This newest effort, an EP to be released on Technicolor this summer, takes that same flavor and concentrates it. In a past life, U was turned away from a prestigious Berlin club with the words ''this is our place, we decide who comes in. '' Spinning this dismissal into the release and leading track titles, U raverses different tempos and sonic swatches: the cavernous thump of techno lament ''Our Place,'' a hollowed orchestra of bric-a-brac on ''Oma,'' the tail-end of euphoria gently glowing on ''Easy Prayer,'' and a slow descent into the comedown as ''Arcane Fantasy'' fades out. Unlike picky doormen, We Decide Who Comes In ushers you straight through the door.