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VJQC Score: N/A
Album Name: HAPLO
Genre: ROCK
Format: VINYL LP
Release Date: 1/27/2017

Vinyl LP pressing includes digital download. Louisville's Twin Limb self describe themselves as ''dream pop'' - only in their variation, it's a dream pop that combines the ''pop'' of Warhol's Chelsea Girls with the jagged dream states of Surrealism. Disquieting, emotively loaded, boldly defined yet wide open to interpretation, Twin Limb's newest, Haplo, is more like the musical equivalent of the paintings or automatic poetry of the early Surrealists. It's darker elements delivered with a markedly pop ease, Haplo is lustrous and immensely play on repeatable, though everywhere filled with the pangs and rumbles of an unsettled subconscious. Whether in the studio or on stage, Twin Limb always play facing each other, intently and intimately, as if mixing their tones together in a large cauldron at their center. Their instrumentation blends in large billows of melody, in which the listener can hardly distinguish a guitar from percussion or an accordion from a human voice. You hear only, as they would have it, a ''giant cosmic organ'' enveloping you in a buoyant, lasting, three dimensional sound. Like a thunderstorm on a summer night, a warm euphony is pummeled by distant drumming and periodically shaken by intrusions of strange noises and a nearly unrecognizable guitar. Lacey Guthrie and Maryliz Bender's vocals forge ahead into the darkness, with words and courage that somehow rouse you to follow.