Title: Into The Red
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Artist: DECKER
Album Name: INTO THE RED
Record Label: ROYAL POTATO
Genre: ROCK
Format: VINYL LP
Release Date: 8/25/2017

Vinyl LP pressing. The production on the collection varies wildly - from the hip-hop drum loops of the minimalist ''In The Same Boat'' to the ornate, horn and string-band grandeur of ''Sun, Shine In'' - but Decker's indelible voice and singular perspective tie it all together. His uniquely crooked vision colors everything he touches, and it enables him to put his own unique stamp on a cover of The Stooges' ''I Wanna Be Your Dog,'' which is mashed up here with The Doors' ''5 To 1? in a brand new recording. Into The Red also includes a pair of tracks from Decker's most recent studio release, 2016's Snake River Blues. The two tracks demonstrate both sides of Decker's songwriting instincts, with ''The Phantom'' stretching out into a sweeping, six-minute, multi-part epic, and the pulse-pounding ''Holy Ghost'' clocking in at a taught, punchy, three minutes as it revels in the kind of frantic desperation that can only come from a lifetime spent in transit. ''I've invested everything I have into the music,'' says Brandon Decker. ''Energetically, emotionally, financially, everything has gone back into my art and growing as an artist.'' It's with a wry wink at his bank account, then, that Decker named his new career-spanning album Into The Red. Primarily comprising tracks from the six studio records he's released under the name Decker since 2009, Into The Red offers a bird's eye view of his remarkable journey as a fearless songwriter and relentless performer. The collection reveals him to be a craftsman of the highest caliber, one who's carved a bittersweet catalog of heartrending gems out of the unforgiving stone that is a lifetime spent pursuing dreams.

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