Title: Near Unison
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Artist: ZOMES
Record Label: NEAR UNISON
Genre: ROCK
Format: VINYL LP
Release Date: 6/23/2015

Near Unison is the new album from the Baltimore/Stockholm duo ZOMES-ASA OSBORNE and HANNA OLIVEGREN. The limited edition vinyl LP is released on their own Near Unison label. The 13 songs were recorded by the band and CRAIG BOWEN at Asa's house during the Fall of 2014. This album is the vertex for a year long song-sketch sharing practice that manifests with Hanna and Asa going further towards their own idiosyncratic songwriting way. Working with simple yet singular compositions that are inspired by the melodies and intimate storytelling of both Swedish and American folk music. The tone of these recordings are musical themes of curiosity regarding the natural world and touch on the enjoyment and sonic power found in listening to the music of other peoples and cultures. The Near Unison record has two unique, though conjoined, song structures; those which are sung verse/chorus in either Swedish or English (and lyrically reminiscent of the aforementioned folk forms) open narratives that welcome the listener to share in the story myth, and second, the instrumental nonverbal expression that gives the female human voice endless freedom of abstraction. These visceral, and gently imaginative songs are the humble findings of in-service musical companionship. A friend/sound union which strives for the creation of clear, accessible music for people of all ages.

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