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Artist: KRS-ONE
Album Name: KRS-ONE
Record Label: JIVE
Genre: RAP & HIP-HOP
Format: VINYL LP
Release Date: 11/7/1995

Hip-hop music owes a lot to KRS-One. Lyrically speaking, no other rapper has contributed so much knowledge to the culture; musically, every song hits you in the head like a hammer. At a time when hip-hop has begun expanding into new genres (new-jack swing, g-funk, gangsta rap, R&B hip-hop, etc.), Kris Parker brings all rappers back down to earth with KRS-ONE, reminding them what hip-hop is really about.Since his days with Boogie Down Productions, KRS-One has declared that his ''Knowledge Reigns Supreme Over Nearly Everybody,'' and, due in part to his street-poet-like use of clever analogies to wake up his community, it does. On ''Ah-Yeah,'' KRS takes on the form of his ancestors to show how the hardships they suffered are coded in today's society: ''This is not the first time I came to the planet/But every time I come only a few could understand it... They try to harm me/I used to be Malcolm X/Now I'm on the planet as the one called KRS.'' the song is only the latest of many on which KRS has used his rhymes to educate the hip-hop nation about African-American history. Although each song on KRS-ONE has something to teach, the idea that his music still pumps life into hip-hop through hardcore beats can not be overlooked. On ''Rappers R.N. Dainja,'' KRS' lyrics warn others of the industry tactics of wack MCs (''the style that I am kickin' is like chicken/It will be bitten, re-written then performed for a twenty-five dollar admission''), as DJ Premier rocks the track with a wicked scratch of O.C.'s ''Time's Up,'' allowing KRS-One to make it fresh for '95 just like he did in '86.

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