Sounds Of Mirrors


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VJQC Score: N/A
Record Label: IMPORTS
Genre: JAZZ
Format: VINYL LP
Release Date: 9/7/2018

The new masterpiece of Tunisian world / jazz musician Dhafer Youssef feat. HUSNU SENLENDIRICI, EIVIND AARSET and ZAKIR HUSSAIN. Born in Tunisia in 1967, Oud player, singer and composer Dhafer Youssef is one of the most virtuoso and experimental musical ambassadors of his North African homeland. In 1996 he released his first album 'Musafir', that he recorded with the Austrian percussionist GERHARD REITER in Vienna. The internationally renowned musical cross-border commuter worked with high-caliber Colleagues like MARKUS STOCKHAUSEN, NGUYEN LE, DAVE HOLLAND, GILAD ATZMON, JACK DEJOHNETTE, BALLAKE SISSOKO, NILS PETTER MOLVAER and BUGGE WESSELTOFT and released eight highly praised solo albums. He also got three nominations for the BBC World Music Award. With his new album he returns back to his traditional roots. Together with the Turkish clarinetist HUSNU SENLENDIRICI, the Norwegian guitarist EIVIND AARSET and the Indian Tabla Player ZAKIR HUSSAIN he recorded a fascinating musical work full of meditative beauty, tonal colors and fascinating harmonies.