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VJQC Score: N/A
Artist: DAMO
Album Name: PLAY BACK EP
Record Label: IMPORTS
Genre: ROCK
Format: 12-INCH SINGLE
Release Date: 4/14/2017

Twelve inch vinyl pressing. 2017 EP. More than a decade after the first Housemodes vinyl release, Damo delivers the second 12'' titled 'Play Back'. Comprised of four deep twisted house tracks permeated with flavors of funk, disco. And soul, this is modern house with a retro flavor. 'The Way We Played' kicks off the EP with an infectious vocal hook bathed in disco flavored guitar and horns and some 4/4 house drum action. 'Show Me Love' follows with a conga driven deep house workout, emotive vocals soaring into lush house heaven! Flip over and 'No Way Back' pumps up the funk but still keeps the deep vibe with cool electric keys before 'Sensation' rounds off the Ep with an infectious and insistent sax hook and vocal.