Terre Invisible


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VJQC Score: N/A
Record Label: ICI D'AILLEURS
Genre: ROCK
Format: VINYL LP
Release Date: 8/2/2019

LP version. Showcasing versatile and highly productive talents David Chalmin has quite an impressive repertoire as a producer and recording engineer. Stretching from classical music to avant-garde, Chalmin has worked with Shannon Wright, The National, Katia & Marielle Lab?que, Matt Elliott, The Third Eye Foundation, Zu, Ang?lique Ionatos, Gaspar Claus, Richard Reed Parry, or Efterklang. If the genres intelligent dance music (IDM) and Berlin school seem to be the most obvious way to present his compositions, they're not sufficient to describe the variety of this album La Terre Invisible as it also contains industrial or classical inspirations. One thing is certain though, David Chalmin can proudly place his first solo album next to the likes of Jon Hopkins, Pantha du Prince, or Andy Stott, for his contemporary approach of dancefloor music.