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Album Name: LEARN
Genre: ROCK
Format: VINYL LP
Release Date: 10/14/2016

Vinyl LP pressing. 2016 release from the veteran punk rocker. It has been 23 years since Rikk Agnew released a solo LP which is ironic since he released his first solo LP All By Myself on Frontier records when he was just 23 years old. This year Rikk put together a 12-song LP, Learn!, with a permanent group known simply as The Rikk Agnew Band. Recorded from July to December 2015 at Kitten Robot Studios in Los Angeles, songs like ''I Can't Change the World'' and ''Deprogrammer'' are easily as good as anything he wrote for The Adolescents' Blue LP or All By Myself. After all these years, Rikk has not slowed down or waned in impact and vitality. The title Learn! Is the theme that runs throughout the LP - learning from mistakes, from other's mistakes, and to take accountability for fucking up. The utterly tasteless and arguably exploitive cover photo(s) are of a female victim of the drug Krokodil, a poor man's heroin made from inexpensive materials, leaving the addict with catastrophic mental and physical damage. The pictures portray Krokodil's corrosive, terminal effects- they are shocking as well as cautionary. The world needs to do more Learning! Individually, the songs are various POV's on the state of the world now, a call to try to make things better by recognizing it's possible and taking on the future with positive, constructive solutions. Learn! #was engineered by Screamer's/Twisted Roots' Paul Roessler (with assistance from Rikk's Daughter Polina Mt. Agnew). Band members include Rikk Agnew (guitars, vocals), Gitane DeMone (vocals), Sam Hare (guitars), Justin Parnell (drums) and Gregory A. Watson (bass).

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