Title: Stage Four
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Album Name: STAGE FOUR
Record Label: EPITAPH
Genre: ROCK
Format: VINYL LP
Release Date: 11/18/2016

Deluxe edition 180gm vinyl LP pressing, includes download card and 36 page harcover LP sized book with expanded artwork. TOUCH? AMOR?, is a Los Angeles based punk band whose earnest and artful approach to song writing, along with relentless touring, fueled their rise to prominence in the hardcore community. Now from a band both living it's dream and marred by loss comes their new album Stage Four. Triumphant in sound and cathartic in delivery, Stage Four is a powerfully creative leap for TOUCH? AMOR?. The first single is the catchy ''Palm Dreams,'' and it's instantly clear from Bolm's vocals that TOUCH? AMOR? is breaking new ground: the career screamer is actually singing, in a quite capable sing-speak harmony. The final track, the lush, jangly ''Skyscraper,'' featuring haunting guest vocals from Julien Baker, ends the album with an atmospheric departure, both sonically and in spirit.

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