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Title: Cold Bones
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Bad Luck was a solo project from Long Island that morphed into a band in Florida. While in the Sunshine State, they issued Cold Bones in 2014 and Noise in Your Head the following year, two compact yet abrasive pop-punk releases that placed nostalgia and neuroses on the same plane. After those anxieties collapsed a hefty touring schedule and the group's first taste of the industry ecosystem, Bad Luck seemingly vanished, kept afloat by a whispering community of fans of their short discography. Having since returned to their home base and their homegrown mentality, Bad Luck is looking to add to their short but sweet legacy and score a longer winning streak. Anchored by brothers Dominick and Joe Fox and colored in by a rotating cast of touring friends, Bad Luck's second wind offers the same great pop hooks chased with hard-hitting backdrops that originally captured crowds' hearts.

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