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  • VJ Radio | Vinyl Spins From The Trade Stacks

    The vinyl trade/take pile stacks are about 300 deep. As I prepare to send some vinyl packages to VJ Friends, I dug through a whole bunch of stuff t...
  • VJ Radio | Blind Vinyl Picks

    Blind Picks! Live listeners called out music genres, I blind picked records from the VJ Archive. 13 Blind Pulls, 13 StoriesDig In! Community & ...
  • VJ Radio | Walmart/Target/Amazon Are KILLING VINYL!

    A recent Billboard article celebrated Walmart and Target selling a TON of vinyl last week. That's a bad thingMusic & Stories, plus a prize anno...
  • VJ Radio | Patsy Cline, #teambruno & Mathias Gustafsson's Nips

    The entire show took a disturbing turn for the worse when a VJ Patron told us he likes to listen to VJ Radio from his sauna. Plus, #teambruno, Pats...
  • WE DID IT!!! 50 VJ Patrons In Our First Week!

    We Did It! Congratulations to Bryan Schubert, the winner of our very first VJ Lootcrate! You'll be receiving 2 records in the mail, thank you so m...
  • Will Vinyl Junkies Shut Down For Good?

    Last Thursday, I admitted I may need to shut Vinyl Junkies down.Then something amazing happened.Let me tell you about it. Wanna Make a difference?...
  • VJ Radio | RSD Spins, Prizes & Vinyl Stories

    Our first VJ Patron prize announcement! It's good.
    We're at 35 now, we will draw at 50.
    Dig It? Consider sharing our broadcast & supporting our VJ Community 
    We always give back, community & art matter!

  • VJ Radio | Kings & Queens

    The theme came to me, 20 minutes before going on live.  What songs/artist/albums came to mind?  Here's what happened.  Facebook and Podcast feature...
  • VJ Radio | Grammy Talk & Vinyl Spins (Nov.22, 2019)

    Do Grammy nominations/wins affect your decision to buy a record? These and other vinyl topics are discussed. Dig In!

  • VJ Radio | Vinyl Digs: Prog, Hip-Hop, Psych, Post-Rock

    It starts with Queens Of The Stone Age and ends with Hair Metal, with many stops in between. 
    Share, come hang out, let's talk music!

  • VJ Radio | = 40,000+ New Records!

    We're halfway through stocking over 40,000 new vinyl titles in your favorite online independent record shop. We're just getting started! More surprises are planned for 2020, which will be the 10 year anniversary of Vinyl Junkies. Music & stories Dig In
  • VJ Radio | 420 Friday

    Music & stories. Some krautrock, some heavy, some alternative.
    Always Loverboy.
    Playlist in comments, for Vinyl Junkies who just want the music.
    Dig In!